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Yes, AffiloJetpack 2.0’s funnel is evergreen. Our sales funnel including our free ebook, autowebinars and replays look live. With our special webinar price of $747 (normally $997) and 50% commissions, after fees you get $344.99 per sale!

AffiloJetpack 2.0 is our high-coverting, high-ticket product. We’ve given out over 1 million dollars in commissions to affiliates promoting it, with an EPC rate of between $2-5 thanks to our sophisticated evergreen sales funnel.

The sales funnel has been built in advance using autowebinars the appear to be “live” to the user. Just send out the swipes (or write your own) that we list below to your email list, and we’ll turn your leads into $344.99 commissions.

AffiloJetpack 2.0 Product Overview

Key Benefits

  • Takes the confusion out of content creation: AffiloJetpack stops users from procrastinating because they get stumped at creating content. We provide the niches, professional graphics, hosting and newsletters and even build the website itself.
  • No more slow results: AffiloJetpack quickly builds optimized affiliate websites that convert, meaning users make money faster — on autopilot.
  • Save thousands of dollars: To source this much content (including 100+ emails per niche) it would usually cost thousands of dollars. Customers stop bleeding money through outsourcing.

What Is Included?

  • All of the content required for 5 niches (users get to select their niches from 18 choices).
  • Each niche comes with a year-long autoresponder sequence of emails (100+ per niche), with built-in promotions for affiliate products.
  • Our custom AffiloTheme for WordPress. Includes easy-to-use design options, a squeeze page generator and widgets designed to convert users.
  • Users can create unlimited websites using our AffiloJetpack builder. This builder will pre-install WordPress and AffiloTheme, plus set up a Fluttermail email account. This Fluttermail account will have the autoresponder series for the user’s chosen niche automatically added. The affiliate links are also automatically installed, connected to their ClickBank account.
  • 3 eBooks per niche — great as sign-up bait, or as a bonus.
  • 20 article research packs for each niche. These article research packs contain paragraph ideas with research and facts listed. Users can use this as a “skeleton” for writing their own Google-friendly articles.
  • Professionally designed header graphics, which are easy to customize.
  • 12 months of web hosting for one website.

Who Is AffiloJetpack For?

  • AffiloJetpack is unique as beginners, advanced users and everyone in between regularly purchase it.
  • For absolute beginners who have never built a website before, we do it for them and provide training.
  • For affiliates who tried to build a website but found it hard and got discouraged, we do it for them and remove the confusion.
  • AffiloJetpack is great for affiliates who have built websites before but failed to make money. We give them the secret sauce to making money: an autoresponder.
  • And it’s great for advanced affiliates who are already making money. AffiloJetpack allows them quickly create a portfolio of websites while saving thousands of dollars,


We recommend sending out 9 emails over the course of the campaign. For each email we’ve provided 2 swipe variations and 3 title variations. First email promotes our squeeze page, and the next seven emails promote our webinar series and the important replays. We strongly recommend sending out all eight emails. We recommend setting aside 13 days (either sending straight to your list, or within your autoresponder series) to mail them all out.

Here are the emails:

Email 1 – 5 Step Formula Squeeze Page: Send day 1 of your promotion
Email 2 – How to Make $10,000/month Online (webinar #1): Send day 2
Email 3 – Webinar replay for How to Make $10,000/month Online: Send day 4 Email 4 – 7 Ways to Flood your Site with Traffic (webinar #2): Send day 5
Email 5 – Webinar replay for 7 Ways to Flood Your Site with Traffic: Send day 7
Email 6 – $112k per Month (webinar #3): Send day 8
Email 7 – Webinar replay for $112k per Month: Send day 10
Email 8 – 24 Hour reminder email: Send day 12
Email 9 – 12 Hour reminder email: Send 12 hours after email 8

The most important emails to send out are email 1, Email 6, Email 7 and Email 8. But, with the webinars being packed with quality content, you will probably want to mail for all of them, as they’ll boost your conversions and provide great training for anyone who goes on them.


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